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Ricky Garcia-Salamone
Hair Stylist / Owner

I always believed in a place where…

“Talented artists create beauty for all humans"


I was born in Puerto Rico and raised in New York City. I began my professional career at Crate & Barrel on Madison Avenue, and was quickly promoted to a management position at CB2. While at CB2, I helped grow the brand through store openings in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, and finally, Miami Beach.


Opening CB2’s Miami Beach store in 2009, relocated me to South Florida. With the support and encouragement of my boyfriend (now husband), I enrolled in a cosmetology program at Beauty Schools of America in South Beach. At school, I learned the skills I took with me to an apprentice position at Salon Vaso on Miami Beach. While at Vaso, I worked my way up to a stylist position and happily styled hair for 5 years while working alongside master colorist, Natalia Mejia.

After 5 years at Vaso, I made the move back to New York with the intention of furthering my skills as a stylist and making new connections. I found the perfect fit at Sam Brocato in Soho. During my time at Sam, I successfully progressed my skill set under the direction of Styling Educator, Cristie Paduano, and secured invaluable knowledge which I’ve applied to my work. I also established great friendships which I will always maintain and cherish, and I remain a visiting artist at Sam’s salon.


With the onset of Covid-19, I made the decision to move back to Miami and set my own standard of beauty by creating Mind the Mane. I created Mind the Mane to deliver a higher standard of beauty and salon services to Miami clientele. I am building a brand that delivers high quality service to all Humans through talented artists.


I will always strive to make Mind the Mane a place that allows you to put your best mane forward.


Ricky received extensive education from Alfaparf Academy, Arrojó Academy, Phyto Academy, Menspire Academy, Sam Brocato SOHO, and he’s attended classes with Jen Atkin & Heather Chapman. Ricky is a master stylist and blow dry artist specializing in hair cutting utilizing various high-level techniques for men and women’s cuts. He is certified Hair Talk tape-in hair extensions.

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Natalia Mejia 
Colorist / Hair Stylist

Natalia is a Natural in hair design.  Cutting, coloring, styling and texturing hair have always been a part of her endeavors.  Since early childhood you would often find her coloring and cutting friends’ hair with kitchen scissors (and went better than it sounds). 


Today, after 15 years of education and professional experience she still maintains the same type of aptitude, curiosity and work intensity.  With an ‘eternal student’ attitude she continues her education both in her personal and her professional life to bring in fashion and fresh ideas to her clients.  


She is also big on ethics, humane values and human connection and these are apparent in her daily interactions in and out of her professional work.  “it’s about the synergy between my creative ideas, what the client wants, their energy and our conversations that brings the best in us both” she once said in interview, and when you look at the diverse work she has done over the years you know exactly what it means.

Natalia received extensive education from Alfaparf academy, Goldwell academy, Arrojó Academy, Curlisto, Menspire academy, Paul Mitchell academy, Pravana, whittemore house, Hairtalk.  She also got a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Fashion Design and won a few awards for her work in this field. 


Her hair design expertise include curly and natural hair cutting and coloring, color correction, blonding, extensions as well as keratin and texturizing services.  Natalia is also an educator for Turbo Power Usa and collaborated with multiple color lines and tool companies.  Her work has been published in “Refinery 29” and “Naturally Curly”.

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Niklas is a hairstylist and colorist who is passionate about all that is beauty. In 2017, Niklas discovered his love for the Sunshine State and moved from Berlin, Germany to Miami. At the age of 34, he has been a professional in the beauty industry for over 18 years. As a hair stylist and colorist, Niklas has worked with top brands such as L’Oréal, Wella, Goldwell, Kérastase, Oribe, and Brazilian Blowout. When creating beauty, his favorite creations are dimensional colors and blondes. He always makes sure his clients get an amazing experience at every appointment. In order to create state-of-the-art styles, Niklas combines his extensive experience with the inspiration he gets from the most influential fashion and beauty brands.

Niklas Simon 
Colorist / Hair Stylist

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Victoria Faur 
Traveling Colorist / Hair Stylist

Hi, I’m Victoria, I’ve been a colorist and stylist for 9 years. I’m a visiting artist at Mind The Mane.

My career started in Miami Beach where the beauty and diversity of the area helped develop my skills as an artist. I studied at Beauty School Of America’s South Beach campus, and started as an apprentice at Salon Vaso. It was there where I first worked alongside Mind the Mane artists Ricky Garcia-Salamone and Natalia Mejia. In 2015 I moved to Charlotte, NC where I worked at a salon for a few years and finally decided to branch off on my own.

As a Gemini, I love change, I’m not afraid of it and I’ll rise to meet a challenge. I think thats why I love doing hair so much, its a way I can express my creativity. I love trying new colors, hair trends, styles....all of it!

I learned to care for and specialize in thick, curly, dark, and combinations of all the above. And due to the demand of the area, I developed strong work ethics and a motivation to work.

As I grow, I learn more and more about the world. I have changed to a cleaner, and more sustainable lifestyle and want to share that with everyone through beauty. We all deserve to feel great, and look great doing it


Mayra Centeno

With a passion for beauty that began at an early age, I embarked on a journey into the world of cosmetics as a Makeup Artist at MAC Cosmetics. This experience ignited my love for transforming faces and creating artistry that celebrates individuality.

Eager to expand my skill set, I pursued formal education at the prestigious Aveda Institute of South Florida, where I obtained my cosmetology license. Seeking hands-on experience, I honed my craft as a hair assistant at Van Michaels in Miami Beach, immersing myself in the intricacies of hair color and styling.

Through dedication and perseverance, I rose through the ranks, transitioning from a junior colorist to a seasoned Master Hair Colorist. With over a decade of experience in the beauty industry, I have cultivated a deep understanding of color theory, technique, and trend forecasting.

My approach to hair color is rooted in the belief that beauty is not one-size-fits-all. Instead, it is about capturing the essence of each individual and enhancing their natural features. Whether it's creating lived-in hair color or edgy cool hair color, I strive to craft looks that reflect my clients' unique personalities and aspirations.

With a keen eye for detail, as virgo, a wealth of knowledge, and a touch of creativity, I am committed to delivering exceptional results that leave a lasting impression. Let's embark on a journey of beauty together, where your essence meets my expertise.

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