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Salon Apprentice Application

Job Purpose: To provide high quality services to Mind The Mane clientele and support all Mind The Mane members in providing these services. 


Customer Service: 

  • Greet and interact with all guests and clients 

  • Ensure client is ready for their service e.g. refreshments, gowns and general comforts

  • Listen to the needs of clients and colleagues and inform them of relevant information

Washing Service:  

  • While shampooing apply 80/20 rule -  80% listening 20% talking

  •  Offer meaningful and relevant conversation

  • Describe product being used: features and benefits

In the Chair:

  • Prepare client for service 

  • Describe product being used: features and benefits

  • Refresh towels, offer beverages and ensure overall comfort of the client

  • Communicate with the stylist on client status

Salon Operations: 

  • Restock & Replenish all necessary items/ tools to perform client service 

  • Set upon laptops, be aware of all services and client arrival 

  •  Assist with communication with front desk and stylists, Be present, consistently walk throughout the salon interacting with everyone


  • Attend all in-salon assessments and participate in periodic training days

  • Adhere to information received during training and meetings

  • Provide suitable training models when requested and have them on call if needed

Other Duties:

  • Keep a positive attitude, and promote a positive atmosphere

  • Promote Mind The Mane, its brand and principles

  • Attend salon activities on and off site as requested

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Basic understanding of the hair industry and changing of fashions and trends

  • General knowledge of salon operations

  • Ability to effectively communicate with diverse groups of people

Please make subject " Paul Mitchell Beauty School MTM Inquiry"

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